Totoro Umbrella Double Layers

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Totoro Umbrella Double Layers

Do you find the forest where Totoro lives enchanting? If you are a Totoro fan, you will surely want to have this in your collection as well. This double layer umbrella is not only totally appealing to the eyes, it is also durable. It is made with 100% durable polyester fabric that is waterproof and simply easy to clean. You’ll be glad to use it over and over again.

This premium umbrella is also strong enough to withstand a level-6 wind and provide sun protection with SPF (UPF> 40, UVA <5%). It’s also big enough (48-53cm radius) to shelter you from the rain or the rays of the sun. Both the 3-fold umbrella and long umbrella will just be right for a day out in the sun or in the rain.

It is SALE. Get one now and be cute with Totoro!

Please allow 15-40 business days for the item to arrive.

For USA it is usually take only 12-20 days.

90 days money back cutetotoro cutetotoro

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