Mononoke Mask necklace Handmade

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What better way to celebrate our love of Japanese monsters than by making a commemorative necklace of the Princess of Monsters? Miyazaki's movies are filled with social commentary, but his theme in Princess Mononoke, modern industrialization bumping up against the Japanese Shinto reverence for nature, is one of our favorites. It's like a microcosm of the Meiji Era distilled into a movie, which we've further reduced to a single necklace. Enjoy!

Necklace pendant is laser cut and engraved birch wood hand painted with waterproof acrylic pigment. The mask pendant measures 1.75" width x 2.5" height x .125" thick. The gold finished steel chain is 20" length. We suggest this jewelry be removed before bathing or showering.

Please allow 15-40 business days for the item to arrive.

For USA it is usually take only 12-20 days.

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