Cute Totoro with Leaf Action Figure Model Toy for Kids (3 pcs)

  • $12.98

Which of the Totoros would you like to have? The big ones of the small ones? All of them are so cute and totally adorable, you’ll want to have them all. If you are a fan of these Japanese anime characters, you’ll want to have them in your collection. With this pack, you’ll get not only one but three Totoros to cheer you up.

These cute Totoro with leaf action figure toys will also be perfect as a gift. Give them to any kid and he or she will be totally delighted. All it takes is just a click of your mouse.

Please allow 15-40 business days for the item to arrive.

For USA it is usually take only 12-20 days.

90 days money back cutetotoro cutetotoro

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