Totoro Glass Bottle Resin Decoration

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Totoro Glass Bottle

  • Surround yourself with these magical creatures. They’re cute. They’re cool. They’re totally adorable. If you love Totoro, you will surely be delighted to have all 12 pieces of these unique Totoros wearing their smiles and looking like they are having the best time ever.
  • Get all 12 in 1 pack and have them create beautiful sceneries where magic blends with nature. You’ll soon find that you can’t just have enough of them. Each of these Totoros is enclosed in a glass enclosure. That can keep dust away from them. They may be pretty small - just 3 ins by 5.5 cm - but for sure, they can keep you in good spirits for some time. Keep all 12 and you’ll have them greeting you with their distinctive look every time you pass them by.

Please allow 15-40 business days for the item to arrive.

For USA it is usually take only 12-20 days.

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