Totoro Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • $31.98

Totoro Ceramic Coffee Mug

Don’t you just love Totoro? Looking at this giant furry thing makes you want to curl up and take a nap in its huge welcoming belly. Well, now you can enjoy the same feeling with this Totoro Ceramic Coffee Mug. Look intently at his beady eyes and that arm raised up high, which seems like he’s inviting you for a cup of hot coffee. That would really be warm and cozy.

This mug is big enough to hold more beverages than a regular coffee mug. As it is made of ceramic, it is heat-friendly and is also non-porous; which means chemicals will not leach into your drinks unlike if you are drinking from a plastic glass. This mug also comes with a Totoro-inspired spoon. What a combination! Don’t you like to have one of these, too?

Please allow 15-40 business days for the item to arrive.

For USA it is usually take only 12-20 days.

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